SAFETY BLOCKS Carbon and Stainless Steel

Operating Principle

Accident prevention authorities recommend the fitting of a pressure relief valve to gas loaded hydraulic accumulators. The Fawcett Christie Hydraulic range of carbon steel safety blocks include features to make the installation, operation and maintenance of gas loaded hydraulic accumulators convenient and safe.


• Pressure gauge connection (M port).
• Wide range of adaptors for accumulator connection.
• All G threads (BSP) to BS2779 1986. Performance data available

Carbon Steel (360 bar)

Pressure - Maximum working pressure: 360 bar
Material - Carbon steel. All blocks are fully tested.
Seals - Nitrile fitted as standard. Viton and other options also available.

 Port SizeDimensions mm - for standard (01) Safety Block
Size S port Accum. P port Process T port Tank M port Gauge A B C D Handle Length
ECA12 G 1/2" G 1/2" G 1/4" G 1/4" 76 93 60 115
ECA20 G 3/4" G 3/4" G 3/8" G 1/4" 90 108 70 160
ECA32 G1 1/4" G1 1/4" G 3/8" G 1/4" 90 131 90 300

For dimensions of (02) safety block with additional solenoid valve contact the sales office.

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