OIL LEVEL INDICATOR - TYPE II For Day Tanks, Cooling Tower Gear Boxes

In many applications a day tand is fabricated for storing furnace oil, fuel oil etc. In these application oil is filled via a pump and stored in a day tank. Oil is supplied by gravity to furnace/engine etc. Measuring oil level in these day tanks requires an operator to physically inspect oil level with dip stick etc.

A simple solution is to install a Lubex oil level indicator with straight adaptor. Ref fig. 5. These oil indicator tubes are available in standard lengths of 300mm, 500mm, 700mm, & 1.0 mts. If day tank height is more then 1.0 meter you may need to fix two tubes.

Types-II OLI has to be fixed to the day tank by using a suitable elbow & Flange/Hex Nipple This is not in our scope of supply and has to be done by you at your end.

In cooling tower gear boxes you can fix type II OLI to bottom elbow of the extension pipe of gear box.

Ordering Code 1.) Length `L` of tube 2.) Adapter size `T`
e.g. L = 500mm T = 1" BSP

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