MDR Non-Metallic Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump

Mag Drive seal-less centrifugal pumps are virtually leak-proof since the design eliminates the multitude of problems related to shaft seals and packings.

• No leaking shafts.
• Improved safety.
• High corrosion resistance.
• Wide range of applications.
• Standard electric motors.
• Simple and inexpensive replacement.
• Reliable in performance.
• Less down time.
• Simple design.
• Easy maintenance.
• CE Certified.

Suitable for

• Sulfuric acid, caustic, sodium hydroxide, developer, fixing bath, bleaching agent, various other chemicals.

Technical Data

CasingImpellerMax. capacityMax. headMax. pressureViscosityMax. speedMax. Liquid temp
PP filled with glass fibre, PVDF with carbon fibre PP filled with glass fibre, PVDF with carbon fibre 30 m3/h 24 m 3 bar at 20°C 0.3 mPas - 150 mPas 2800 rpm 85°C for PP, 100°C for PVDF

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