Fluent Ultra T

For small and early generation turbine lubricating Oil

Model Selection

Model No.Tank Capacity Lit
Ultra 300T 7500
Ultra 500T 12500
Ultra 700T 25000
Ultra 900T 40000
Ultra 1100T 60000

Quality Guarantee:

Particulate < NAS 7 (ISO 17/15/13) & Moisture (Dissolved) < 500 ppm

Suggested to use dedicated for desired tank capacity for achieving consistent quality.

Key Features

• Lubricating Oil up to 46 cst.
• Excellent quality.
• No Heating to Oil / No static charge.
• Lowest electrical consumption.
• Stainless Steel Housing.
• Trolley Mounted.
• With Smart Controller (IOT enabled controller available).
• Add-on features like varnish removal / control.
• Standard model with added capacity of effective moisture control for any emergency / maintenance duty.
• Much Lower cost of operation over Centrifuge comparing to quality.

Note 1: Expected life of filters for dedicated use for maintain oil cleanliness is approximately one year.

Note 2: Moisture < 200 ppm option available.

Note 3: Recommended Input quality < NAS 10, if not use coarse filter.

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