Fluent Ultra H

Filtration system For Moderate Hydraulic Applications. Recommended for Systems with Proportional Hydraulics

Model Selection

Model No.Tank Capacity Lit
Ultra 25H 900
Ultra 50H 1800
Ultra 75H 3000
Ultra 100H 6000
Ultra 200H 12000
Ultra 300H 18000
Ultra 400H 24000

Quality Guarantee:

Particulate < NAS 7 (ISO 17/15/13) Note 3 & Moisture (Dissolved) < 500 ppm

Suggested to use dedicated for desired tank capacity for achieving almost “maintenance free” Fluent Hydraulic Operation.

Key Features

• Hydraulic oil up to 68 cst.
• Highest quality.
• No Heating to Oil / No static charge.
• Lowest electrical consumption.
• Faster than nearest competition.
• Mild Steel Housing.
• Trolley Mounted.
• With Smart Controller (IOT enabled controller available).
• Suitable for Mineral, Synthetic Oils, etc.
• Possibility to upgrade quality to NAS 4 (ISO 15/13/10).

Note 1: Expected life of filters for dedicated use for maintain oil cleanliness is approximately one year.

Note 2: Moisture < 200 ppm option available.

Note 3: Recommended Input quality < NAS 10, if not use coarse filter.

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