Fluent Pro XGH

For Extra High Load Lubricating oil Applications like Cement Mill Slide Shoe Gear boxes, and many more

Model Selection

Model No.Tank Capacity Lit
Pro 3XGH 200
Pro 6XGH 375
Pro 10XGH 625
Pro 20XGH 1250
Pro 40XGH 2500
Pro 60XGH 3750
Pro 80XGH 5000

Quality Guarantee:

Particulate < NAS 6 (ISO 17/15/12) Note 3

Suggested to use dedicated for desired tank capacity for achieving almost “maintenance free” Fluent Gear Box Operation. Higher capacity models are available on request.

Key Features

• Lubricating Oil 680 & 1000 cst.
• Highest quality.
• Stainless Steel Housing.
• Trolley Mounted.
• With Smart Controller (IOT enabled controller available).
• Suitable for Mineral, Synthetic Oils, etc.

Note 1: Quality Testing Available with Particle counter for selected applications (Generally on patch or mg/lit).

Note 2: High Filter life with Vats Lucida G2D Filters.

Note 3: Recommended Input quality < NAS 12, if not use coarse filter or change oil.

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