Fluent Pro H

For High Accuracy Hydraulic Applications Recommended for Systems with Servo Hydraulics / Electro Hydraulics

Model Selection

Model No.Tank Capacity Lit
Pro 3H 750
Pro 6H 1500
Pro 10H 2500
Pro 20H 5000
Pro 40H 10000
Pro 80H 20000

Quality Guarantee:

Particulate < NAS 4 (ISO 15/13/10) Note 3 & Moisture (Dissolved) < 200 ppm

Suggested to use dedicated for desired tank capacity for achieving almost “maintenance free” Fluent Hydraulic Operation.

Key Features

• Hydraulic oil up to 68 cst.
• Highest quality.
• No Heating to Oil / No static charge.
• Lowest electrical consumption.
• 10 times faster than nearest competition.
• Stainless Steel Housing.
• Trolley Mounted.
• With Smart Controller (IOT enabled controller available).
• Suitable for Mineral, Synthetic, Water Glycol, FRF Fluids, Water Hydraulics etc.

Note 1: Expected life of filters for dedicated use for maintain oil cleanliness is approximately one year.

Note 2: Moisture < 50 ppm option available.

Note 3: Recommended Input quality < NAS 10, if not use coarse filter.

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