Fluent HVDH-L2

An unique product for all requirements of High Viscosity lubricating oil moisture seperation

Model Selection

Model No.
Fluent HVDH 500L2
Fluent HVDH 1000L2
Fluent HVDH 2000L2
Fluent HVDH 4000L2

Quality Guarantee:

Moisture (Dissolved) < 500 ppm (Note 15)

Key Features

• An unique product for all your requirement of most the high viscosity lubricating oils up to 680 cst.
• Specially designed unique product with state of the art combination of thin film, high efficiency packing and high vacuum Technology.
• Trolley Mounted.
• With Smart Controller.
• Additional Feature - Timer operated periodical operation, Online moisture sensor.

Note 2: Moisture < 50 ppm option available.

Note 15: Moisture Separation with HVDH Technology, Pl note that moisture removal is a function of equilibrium. Removal Rating is based on 2000 ppm. And Final quality is based on normal working condition without moisture addition.

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