Isolated Foundation for Active Vibration Damping for Power Presses, Forging Hammers, Engine Test Rigs, and Passive Vibration Isolation of Machining Centres, Grinding Machines, Measuring & Testing Equipments, Laser Cutters and Microscopes.

The ISOLATED FOUNDATION is required to reduce both active And passive vibrations.A foundation block for high dynamic Machines like Power press, Forging Hammers, Compressors, Engine Test Rings etc. Is required in order to reduce the transmission of vibration and shock to nearby of resilient insulating materials is known as ACTIVE VIBRATION ISOLATION. When it is not possible to prevent or sufficiently lower the transmission of shock and vibration from the source a resiliently supported vibration insulating foundation block can be used for the PASSIVE VIBRATION ISOLATION of sensitive equipments like MACHINING CENTRES, MEASURING AND TESTING MACHINES/EQUIPMENTS etc.

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