Remarkable versatility. The Drum Lifter raises, transports, rotates, tilts and drains fully lorded drum. It carries the full weight of the drum. Dual, fingertip operated locks secure the raised drum. It can lock a drum in the vertical position to avoid spills or horizontal position for draining through a faucet. When unlocked, the drum may br turned end-over-end to agitate contents or tipped and held manually ar any angle, and it is very simple to move and steer.

Salient Features:

  1. Drum Lifter uses high strength lifting components.
  2. Drum is secured by a Strength, wear resistant chain.
  3. The chain tightening ratchet and spring loaded pawl assembly has been designed with specially contoured teeth and safety features for reliability and ease of use.
  4. It can used with standard 205/215 ltrs. M.S. as well as HDPE drums.

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