The Briketto series chip compactors are designed to compact the metal chips produced by cutting operations like grinding, turning, milling, drilling, etc., to standard size of Briquettes. The final product will be much smaller in volume making it easier to handle, store and transport.


  1. The hydraulic compaction process used also removes upto 97% of the oil, making the Briquettes suitable for further processes directly (including direct feed to the foundry). This also helps increase the selling price of chips.
  2. Briketto is suitable for Steel, cast Iron, Aluminium, Copper and other metals. Briketto can also be customised to suit user requirements in terms of physical sizes and also with logic to suit various chip types.
DescriptionUnitModel - 80 / 300
Hydraulic Power Pack HP 10.5
Compacting Load Ton 80
Brick Size Dis. - mm 100
Max Brick Weight Kg / Steel 2.5
Approx. Capacity Kg / hr - Steel 250 to 300
Approx. Density Expected Kg / m3 - Steel 4500

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