Tooling blocks provide four vertical surfaces to hold jobs in vertical plane for machining on NC-CNC machining centers boring machines etc. the four working surfaces permit mounting of multiple jobs at one time resulting into reduced set up time and optimum utilization of machines. These are available in square, rectangular and frame type construction to suit horizontal machining centers size 400x400mm to 1000x1000mm and can also be made to specific requirement.


    1. M16 tapped holes / helicoil inserts, verticals tenon slots/edge locator tapped holes/coolent drain holes, can be offered upon request.
    2. Bottom base can be provided with counter bored holes for fixing/clamping on machine pllet upon request.
    3. Working faces flat, sqaure and parallel within 25μm(0.001")over 300mm(12") Better accuracies also offered upon request at extra cost.
    4. Milling tooling blocks also offered with suitable allowance (extra metal) for final finish machining on users own machining centres, on request

*special features, if required, can also be offered.

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