For checking and leveling of horizontal surfaces, machine tools machine bases and horizontal shafts.

Salient Features

  1. Made from stress relieved Cast iron, working faces precision hand-scrapped.
  2. Main vials have graduation on each side of the bubbles.
  3. Auxilary vial shows lateral position and assists in horizontal setting.
  4. Fool proof adjustment to avoid tempering, once set.
  5. Sensitivity 0.01 mm/m, 0.02 mm/m & 0.1 mm/m in 200 mm and 300 mm length.
  6. In precision frame type spirit level, Base & one vertical face are provided with prismatic face for checking cylindrical surfaces, while other two faces are flat to check flat surfaces.
  7. Sensitivity 0.01 mm/m, 0.02 mm/m, 0.05 mm/m & 0.1 mm/m in size 200 x 200 mm and 300 x 300. Remaining features as horizontal Levels.
  8. Magnetic levels and Shaft Spirit Levels also offered.
  9. Special sizes offered on request.
  10. Provided with wooden storing case.

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